The easiest business solution for exchanging large files
Easy to use, powerful, branded for your company
Fast, easy, secure.. Take control of your data!

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Web Based

Users love the simplicity of FileSend's clean, easy to use, web based interface!

Easy To Configure

Administrators have full control over company data, branding, and settings!

Local or cloud hosted

Local or AWS cloud hosted options are available, providing maximum flexibility!

What is FileSend?

FileSend is an easy to use, web based application for sending and receiving large files.

Users love its simple, clean interface. No instructions required!
Simply drag files into a web page, and click a button.

Email your files directly, or generate a simple download link.
Download pages are branded with your company logos.

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What Makes FileSend Better?

  • Unlimited file size limits (even works with 100gb+ files!)
  • Lightning fast LAN upload speeds (local hosted version)
  • Automatic, professional corporate branding
  • Active Directory / LDAP integration for easy user log in
  • Forward / Delete / Extend / Password Protect files
  • Receive Files from external guests
  • Search all files sent & received
  • Fully customisable Emails, language & site text
  • Secure with SSL and password protected files
  • Web based: No client apps or plugins required
  • Flexible server options: maximum control for admins

  • Affordable pricing to meet your needs..

    Contact us to enquire about pricing, make a purchase, or arrange a custom demo.
    *Note: AWS cloud hosted options do not include Amazon's bandwidth/storage costs

    Watch Our Video!

    Check out our short video for a walkthrough of the main features and overall experience of FileSend!

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